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Life as art.

About the Series

I created the Art as My Vehicle series as a method of changing my life circumstance. The work has allowed me to face fears, overcome personal boundaries, and gain new life experience. Pieces in the series have helped reinforce both my motivation and determination to make lasting changes I desired in my life. For instance, the works have helped me to become healthier and lessened fears of sharing my musical expression with others. Additionally, the knowledge that I'm sharing the art form with others encourages me to maintain the end result of each one for, were I to revert to behaviors the original pieces aimed to overcome, the purpose would be lost and all my efforts would ultimately be in vain. I hope that the Art as My Vehicle series inspires others to acknowledge the art present in their everyday lives. As I continue to create this series, I have found that the process is a collaboration. I am no longer just creating the art, the art is also creating me.

Renee Felini